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Dr. Christel has given me much more than a pretty smile. The dental device for sleep apnea has allowed me to give my CPAP machine a toss and has greatly improved my life! Thank you Dr. Christel. Your gentle dentistry has taken away my long time fear of dentists and I really like your new, modern office!Carol Moates:
I really enjoy going to Westmorland Cosmetic and Family Dentistry since their staff are very friendly and professional. The office is very easy to get to from the interstate. It is very easy to make appointments and the receptionists are very pleasant to talk to. My dental hygienist is ready to take me back into the room within 5 minutes of walking through the door. A routine dental cleaning never takes more than 45 minutes to complete and that’s including seeing Dr. Westmorland. My parents also go to Dr. Westmorland and are very pleased with the results. I would highly recommend Westmorland Cosmetic and Family Dentistry for all your dental needs.Valerie Evans:
At Westmorland Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, I have never had a bad experience. Routine cleanings flow like clockwork! My appointment times have always been on time or early, and the cleaning never takes long. On the few occasions that I have had to have more work done (wisdom teeth extraction & cavity filling), I am left wondering why people despise a trip to the dentist so much. With both procedures I never felt a thing! I really enjoy going to Westmorland Cosmetic and Family Dentistry.Elton Evans:
After suffering through some pretty painful experiences in the past I avoided going to the dentist unless pain dictated it absolutely necessary. But after a few appointments with Drs Micah and Christel I realized that going to the dentist need not be painful. Thank you for getting me back on the road to a healthy, pain free smile.Eugene Myers:
Bad experiences with dental visits in the past had left me terrified of any visit to the dentist no matter how routine. I was extremely pleased with how the professionals at Westmorland Family and Cosmetic dentistry were able to calm my fears. Drs Westmorland provided easy-to-understand information about the dental work being performed and provided many options for pain management during the procedures. They were respectful and understanding of my fear of having pain during dental procedures. My husband and I recently moved several hours away but I still drive to Newport to see Drs. Westmorland. I cannot imagine going anywhere else. THANK YOU Westmorland Family and Cosmetic Dentistry.Susan Mabe McGaha:
Dr. Micah Westmorland did 3 crowns for me and I did not feel anything. All I can say is ‘he is terrific.’Lonnie Hogan:
Dr. Hadden in Morristown was my dentist for years. When he retired, I thought I would never find another dentist as gentle as he was. Well, I did- Dr. Micah Westmorland. He replaced 3 old fillings for me and I was really dreading it. I didn’t feel anything. I didn’t even feel the shots for numbing. I highly recommend Dr. Micah Westmorland. He is the greatest.Judy Hogan:
I have been fearful of dentists all of my life because I have had some bad experiences. I have built up such a fear of dentists that I can honestly say that I would rather go to any other kind of doctor other than a dentist, but that is no longer true since I have discovered Dr. Micah Westmorland. I had heard good things about him and they are all true. Knowing that I need future dental work is no longer a fear for me. I would recommend him to anyone. I was so impressed.Kay Burgess:
Dr. Micah Westmorland is absolutley the best of the best. If I had doctors like him in the last 50 years, I would not be in this shape. He gives so much care and attention that it is unreal. He makes you feel like you are the only patient he has to deal with. He makes you feel so secure and safe.Donald Neve:
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