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Are you scared of going to the dentist? If you tend to put off dental visits or you are neglecting your oral health because of fear, talk to us about sedation dentistry. Dr. Christel and Dr. Micah Westmorland work hard to ensure patients enjoy their experience at the dentist. We offer several levels of sedation so that you can be free of anxiety, pain, and discomfort during treatment.

Doyal explains how Westmorland Dentistry is uniquely calming.


We want all of our patients to walk out of our practice with a healthy and beautiful smile. Whether you are coming in for dental crowns and veneers or require a root canal, you can look forward to a pain-free dental visit and lasting results. Our doctors have been trained at the Dawson Academy and are also members of the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation. We are here to improve or rebuild your smile without pain and discomfort.


We offer nitrous oxide and oral sedation at our practice. Both forms of sedation are suitable for almost all patients and have no side effects. Nitrous oxide: Also known as laughing gas, this form of sedation is easy to administer and we can control the depth of sedation. It works within minutes and most patients report feeling euphoric and numb while under sedation. Oral Anxiolysis Taking an anti-anxiety pill can help to relieve the nervousness, tension and stress you might have before a dental visit. You take this pill an hour before your visit and will need someone to drive you to and from your appointment. You will feel very relaxed and even drowsy throughout your visit.


Most patients do not remember their visit with sedation dentistry so they experience less anxiety and fear overall. Patients who have not seen a dentist in years can now see their dentist regularly and even enjoy the process. We work hard to make sure our patients are comfortable and less fearful about going to the dentist. Our minimally invasive procedures, advanced techniques and sedation dentistry options make that possible.

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